iPhone Dev-Team is Working On iPhone 4 Unlock with UltraSn0w

The infamous iPhone Dev-Team has announced that they will be adding the iPhone 4 unlock to ultrasn0w and are currently in the process of fine tuning the payload to make it as quick to load as possible.

Those of you who follow @MuscleNerd or @planetbeing on Twitter probably already know that the team has had a series of successes with the carrier unlock on iPhone4 (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5-video). We’re fine-tuning the payload to make it as quick to load as possible (and making sure it remains crash-free of course!).

Most likely comex will be releasing spirit userland jailbreak to jailbreak iPhone 4 after which software solution Ultrasn0w can be used to unlock iPhone 4. With an unlocked version of iPhone 4, users in US can easily use prepaid SIM cards other than AT&T and comes handy when you plan to travel outside US and still want to use the iPhone.

But no ETA was cited for iPhone 4 iOS 4 unlock software.Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before the comex jailbreak is available after which the unlock can be applied.

Thanks to iclarified , gadgetsdna

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