iPhone OS 4.0 JailBreak By Dev Team, Future Unlock Possibility

As always cat-mouse game is still on. Again this time MuscleNerd from Dev Team shown off an JailBroken Video within 24Hr of Apple CEO Steve Jobs Introduced iPhone OS 4.0. But this is just a Beta, so Apple will obviously fix this hole in final release and Dev Team also don’t plan to release this jailbreak in public untill the final release come in this June.

Earlier this month Musclenerd confirmed that team has ported Spirit jailbreak is successfully ported in to ipad jailbreak with in 24 hour of iPad launch and today Musclenerd posted another video of jailbroken iPhone running on iPhone OS 4.0. Now he’s got Veency (a VNC server) and Cydia running on iPhone OS 4 on video, something he claims “you’ll only find on JB 4.0.

Watch The video

However jailbreak is achieved by Dev team, don’t expect a release. iPhone dev team JB OS 3.0 beta with in a week, but they never released their jailbreak for beta OS in wild. Reason is simple beta builds are buggy and there will be 3-4 more beta builds until OS 4.o release, which is scheduled this summer. And as usual we could expect some sort of unlock also from Dev Team or GeoHot.

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