iPhone Sales 30 Million By December’s End

Apparently, iPhone certainly has become the most sought-after smartphone in recent months. Ever since its release, iPhone 4S has captured the users with the Siri feature and the demand has never abated. Because of this, some reports say that rather than selling an expected 28 million iPhones by the end of December, Apple may well be selling a total of 30 million iPhones.

These latest estimates come from the investment bank UBS analyst Maynard Um. The initial estimates by most analysts had been based on the notion that while iPhone demand really did touch the sky when it was released, it would eventually subside. As it is, the demand has refused to subside and Apple has been able to sustain a steady sales to day.

High revenue for Apple:
UBS had earlier estimated that Apple will be reaping some $37.2 billion off iPhone sales. But in view of the new projected estimates of iPhone sales, UBS now believes that Apple will get a whooping $38.5 billion of the sales by the end of December quarter.

A number of other analysts have also reviewed their earlier estimates, thanks to the holiday season which has witnessed a surge in iPhone sales and which certainly will be taking iPhones right off the shelf. In fact, the sales in November have been the best ever sales for Apple. And Apple is confident that the sales will sustain. It is interesting to note that Apple sold some four million iPhone 4S units within three days of it’s release, a record in itself. On a side-note, the iPad, although the best-selling tablet right now, doesn’t seem to be anywhere near iPhone sales with experts putting their iPad sales estimates for this quarter at 13.5 million.

Image courtesy Yutaka Tsutano.

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