Apple May Launch iPhone Trade-In Program Soon

Since 2011, iPhone users have been able to ship back their older iPhone to Apple under the ‘Reuse and Recycle’ program and get paid for it. Now, Apple is planning to launch a similar iPhone trade-in program which would allow iPhone users to trade in their smartphones at actual brick-and-mortar stores.

iPhone 5

Apple’s ‘Reuse and Recycle’ program has been very useful for iPhone users but it requires the user to go online to apply for the program and then ship out their iPhone units to Apple. With in-store trade-in, things will get a lot better for the users.

The program will essentially allow owners of older iPhone units to walk into the store, hand over their older smartphone and get cash in exchange. The amount of cash to be paid for a given iPhone model will depend on its value.

According to Bloomberg, the program is being launched to help users move from older iPhone models to the latest iPhone 5 without any hitches. Apple doesn’t seem to have a major product release on its hands right now, so the company is trying to turn to its existing user base and push it towards the flagship iPhone 5.

If such a program does materialize, it will probably be handled by the mobile phone distributor Brightstar. For iPhone users, this is certainly good news, because it saves them all the hassle of trying to resell their older iPhone models or at best, shipping them back to Apple and waiting for the check to arrive.

Source: Bloomberg

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