iPhone5: No June Can Do?

It is confirmed. Reports from Endgadget, All Things Digital and Electronista assure us that we will have to wait beyond June 2011 to get our hands on the newest iPhone from Apple, the iPhone 5. At the moment, iPhone 5 is probably the most talked about upcoming gadget.

With iPad 2 already in the market and bagging huge sales, Apple still has control over the tablet PC market. So iPhone 4 has to pull out some more sales for the time being until iPhone 5 comes in the market. The Loop has explored the possibilities leaked by a Korean site and confirmed the fact. Rumors are false and iPhone will take a little bit more time to hit the market pushing its release past June.

The Korean rumors were that iPhone 5 might be coming in late June and Korean carriers KT and SK Telecom would have it along with the rest of the world or right afterwards. But that seemed quite unusual since Apple has been shipping the phone to Korea long time after the launching in other countries.

There isn’t a definite reason as to why would Apple act differently this time. Other facts backing up the The Loop story include an unlikely launch event after WWDC. Apple would rather pick up a better date than anytime so close to WWDC. So far none of the rumors spread by the Korean site seem true. All that Apple would want is to get the iPhone 5 as soon as possible in order to revive the war against the Android phones that are “infesting” the market.


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