iPod Touch And iPhone 5 Respond Poorly To Diagonal Touch Screen Swipes

A new issue has been identified to be plaguing the touchscreen functionality of two of Apple’s recent products, iPod Touch 5th generation and iPhone 5. If you try diagonal swipes across their screens quickly, the screen stops responding, which can be a problem for avid iOS gamers.

iPhone 5

It is not clear as to what is causing the problem in these two devices. Some have speculated that it may be a result of Apple’s software updates, either iOS 6 or iOS 6.0.1. However, a number of other devices who were updated to these firmware releases didn’t exhibit the same problem.

In that case, the problem very likely lies with the hardware. Interestingly, both iPod Touch 5th generation and iPhone 5 share the same hardware when it comes to their touchscreens. Apple has used the new in-cell technology which laminates both the digitizer as well as the touch panel to the front glass.

The in-cell technology is definitely superior in many aspects but at the same time, it’s new and Apple has used it for the first time in the two devices cited earlier. Since only these two Apple devices seem to be exhibiting unresponsive touchscreen at diagonal swipes, the in-cell technology may be the culprit.

For common users, this should not be a cause of concern since in regular use, the problem is barely perceptible. But if you have a knack of playing touch-sensitive games often on your iPhone 5 or iPod Touch, you may be in for a few unpleasant instances where your diagonal swipes don’t produce any effect.

A video posted below gives a demonstration of the exact problem:

Source: CMA Megacorp

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