Is Apple Making A New iPhone 4? Software Suggests So

An interesting report reveals that Apple is offering iOS 6 download for an unknown iPhone 3,2 device. Based on the facts, the iPhone 3,2 would be a new version of the iPhone 4. The hardware number we are referring to has appeared in iOS device downloads since September 19. And, it seems Apple is making a new version of iPhone 4.

iOS 6 software offerings

The specific iPhone model shown may just be a processor update of the iPhone 4, similar to the iPad 2,4 model we saw earlier this year. It could also be an iPhone 4 with updated baseband, ready to cater to the 600 million users of China Mobile. This could also be a device combining the GSM and CDMA bands into one chip.

Different factions are giving different theories. Time will tell the full story as we are left with minimal information at this point.

Source: 9To5Mac

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