iTether For iOS Is Back With HTML5-Only Solution

iTether app has been pretty effective in letting iPhone users bypass the internal hotspot capability of the device. However, Apple pulled the app off as soon as it launched the iOS App Store. However, for iOS users, the good news is that it is back now, though not offered by Apple. It is being offered by independent developers who have released a HTML5-only solution to accomplish the same bypass.

So how can you accomplish the bypass with the help of this HTML5 version of iTether? It’s quite simple. First, you need to connect your device to an ad hoc Wi-Fi network. This network should be shared with the PC you wish to use to get on to internet. Now all you have to do is navigate your device to a particular URL, log in to your account and then marshal your data using a PC-based client. As a result of this, the developers of the app claim that you can easily use your device as a modem for your PC simply by navigating it to a web page.

However, this product is by no means one of those free iOS hacks that you are often awarded with. Rather, it’s quite a bit on the pricier side, being offered for $15 per year if you sign up for it within the next week. If you are later than that, you will be required to pay $30 per year for the product. AT&T users don’t get to have the option of personal hotspot when the new iPad launches, so this could come in handy for them.

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