A Little Girl Discovers Flaw In iPhone Fingerprint Security!

We have recently reported that Apple’s new top-end handset, iPhone 5S, packs a fingerprint scanner. With the scanner, all you need to unlock the handset is the touch of your finger. However, a little girl has now discovered a critical flaw in the security offered by the Touch ID sensor.

iPhone 5S security

The flaw has been revealed through a pic posted at Reddit. With Apple having spent so much resources into adding the sensor into the handset, it’s a shame that a little girl is the one who has found the flaw.

The image posted to Reddit shows the girl holding her dad’s thumb against his iPhone’s Home button, while he sleeps. Although the scanner is highly advanced according to the claims made by Apple, it still isn’t able to discern whether or not the finger it is scanning is of a sleeping person.

The Reddit user who posted the image, added the following text as caption: “The new iPhone 5S provides unmatched security with its new Fingerprint lock, which makes your personal data even harder to reach!”

Given the episode, perhaps Apple should keep tabs on little kids and see how may they exploit the iPhone in order to improve on the security of the handsets in the coming days.

Courtesy: Reddit

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