Logitech’s New Powered Wireless Charging Stand

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A few years ago, the wireless charger was an imaginary thing for iPhone users. But now Apple is going to make this imaginary thing a reality. For this, Apple has collaborated with Logitech on developing a wireless charger for its devices.

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Logitech has announced a new stylish wireless charger for Apple phone’s called the Powered Wireless Charging stand.  The design of this charger comes ‘in collaboration with Apple’ and it can be used for charging your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. You can keep the Powered Wireless Charging stand at your bedside table or your workstation desk and flawlessly use your iPhone while charging.

Features Of Powered Wireless Charging Stand

Use iPhone Without Cutting Power

The Powered Wireless Charger can deliver up to 7.5W of power to your iPhone, which means you can easily charge iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The great news is that you can enjoy non-stop gaming, watching videos, texting, browsing and other high power apps while charging your iPhone. That’s not it! You can also use Facebook and chat with your friend for a long time.

Charging In Landscape or Portrait Mode

‘Simple and comfortable’ – these two words are very important for any charger. Powered Wireless Charger stand is very simple for charging and also comfortable for use. Just drop your iPhone inside the U-shaped cradle and you are set – your iPhone will start charging itself.

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You can also charge your iPhone in both landscape and portrait modes. In this way, your iPhone’s screen can rest at a perfect angle which is easy for you for writing notes, watching movies and so on.

Unlock Your iPhone With Just A Look

This charging stand can hold your iPhone at a 65 degree of angle, so you can easily unlock your iPhone with a glance. You don’t need to use your finger for unlocking. The Charging Stand is designed in such a way so that any room or any place can easily adjust it. If you need to read recipes in the kitchen or watch movies in the bathroom (!), you can do it because it can fit any place in your house or office.

Controlled Overheat Protection

Every iPhone user wants a safe and silent charger. The Powered Wireless Charging Stand has internal heat sensors, so it can easily control temperature and prevent overheating automatically.

Your iPhone will always be secured in the U-shaped cradle at any time or place. Do you have fear of falling iPhone during vibrations? Don’t worry. A rubberized surface will prevent the risk of phones falling. So, hurry up and try this wonderful Powered Wireless Charging Stand for a better and safe charging.

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