MicroVision SHOWWX Classic Laser Pico Projector For iPod – 10 Lumens

Get a movie theater experience from a device that easily slips into your pocket! Connect the SHOWWX laser pico projector to an Apple iPod, MacBook, laptop, or other compatible device to project photos, movies, streaming video, presentations and more up to 100″ in size in a dark room. Connect your SHOWWX laser pico projector to your: iPod nano or iPod classic with included SHOWWX Component Cable for iPod to project photos and videos/movies. This is an Amazon’s product review. Checkout more details bellow.


iPod touch with included SHOWWX Component Cable for iPod to project photos, videos/movies and YouTube. Laptop, netbook or MacBook with SHOWWX VGA Dock to project photos, movies/video, streaming video, presentations and more. TV-out device, such as digital camera, with included SHOWWX Composite Video Adapter. The SHOWWX laser pico projector includes: 1 SHOWWX laser pico projector, 1 SHOWWX Component Cable for iPod, 1 SHOWWX Composite Video Adapter (Female), 1 SHOWWX Rechargeable Battery, 1 SHOWWX Wall Charger, 1 Micro-USB Cable, 1 Wrist Strap and 1 Storage Pouch .

The SHOWWX brings you a BIG picture from a small, quiet, and portable device. A single cable connection plugs directly into your iPod, as well as other mobile phones and devices with TV-Out or VGA functionality.

  • Infinite Focus
  • Plug & Play
  • Thin & Light
  • Movie Capable
  • Wide Field of View
  • Wide Screen Resolution
  • Bright & Uniform

SHOWWX Works With a Variety of Devices:

SHOWWX is a superior experience for iPod. A single cable connection plugs directly into your iPod. A literal plug & play laser projector producing a practical big screen, movie-length experience. The MicroVision SHOWWX is made for your iPod, and was designed to connect specifically to Apple performance standards.

The SHOWWX is also compatible with a host of other devices that provide Composite TV/Video-Out, such as mobile phones, camcorders, digital cameras, personal video game and media players.

With the Nokia cable for SHOWWX you can enhance your experience by projecting directly from your device.

You can also connect your SHOWWX to a laptop via TV-out or VGA using the optional SHOWWX VGA Dock.

Technical Specifications:

SHOWWX Laser Pico Projector Display Performance

Resolution: WVGA (848 x 480)
Brightness: 10 Lumens
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
Focus: No user focus adjustment needed. Image is always in focus, even on curved surfaces
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz (nominal)
Color Gamut: > 200% NTSC
Contrast Ratio: > 5,000:1
Throw Ratio: 1:1 (projection distance/image diagonal)
Image size: 6 in to 100 in (150 mm to 2500 mm)
Projection Distance: 6 in to 100 in (150 mm to 2500 mm)
Regliatory: Class 2 laser product.

SHOWWX Laser Pico Projector Size & Weight

Height: .55 in (14 mm)
Width: 2.36 in (60 mm)
Length: 118 mm (4.64 in)
Weight (with battery): 122 g (4.3 oz)

SHOWWX Laser Pico Projector Connectivity & Audio
  • Easy and simple plug and play
  • Connects to most iPod devices with a single cable
  • Composite adapter to other TV-out devices via a dedicated adapter cable
  • VGA dock to most laptops, netbooks and Macbook via the VGA DOCK (sold separately)
  • 3.5mm stereo jack – audio pass through when supplied
SHOWWX Laser Pico Projector Battery & Power
  • User replaceable battery
  • Approximately 90-120 minutes of battery life when fully charged 2
  • Charges via Micro-USB with wall charger

That’s all about the MicroVision SHOWWX Classic Laser Pico Projector. This Pico Projector is available in Amazon.com. You can directly order or buy from here.
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