MobileNotifier Brings iOS Notification to Your iPhone[Jailbreak Tweak]

Peter Hajas has announced a new beta of MobileNotifier, an open source notifications manager for iOS. It makes notifications unobtrusive and allows you to keep using existing apps. An elegant bar appears up top of your homescreen and with one tap you can choose to close or open the notification. Alerts will also appear on your lockscreen. When you double tap the Home button, you’ll see a list of your recent alerts via the AlertDashboard.

What’s new in this new release:

– New alerts
– AlertDashboard
– Lockscreen View
– Full push notification support
– Completely reworked MNAlertManager, considerably more intelligent
– Time encoding support with each alert
– Numerous usability improvements
– Bug fixes relating to 3.x compatibility, alert display and other internal aspects of the utility
– and more! The commit log on GitHub is the best place to see all the iterative changes.

You can get MobileNotifier for free by adding the following repo to Cydia

Here’s a great video review from JailbreakMovies:

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    it doesn’t work for me

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