More Proof of a Verizon branded Apple iPhone 4

Some days ago i’ve posted through BusinessWeek that “Verizon iPhone To Release After CES 2011“.And finally we have got more proof of a Verizon branded Apple iPhone 4 coming soon.Verizon Wireless may have acquired the domain names and The domain names appear to have been originally registered through GoDaddy to Jack Benton then later transferred to the Mark Monitor domain service. Benton owns the domain names and and judging by the those site designs being the same as’s design, he was the one who transferred or sold the Verizon iPhone domain to Verizon.

A reader of has spotted online retailer selling Verizon iPhone 4 cases from a third-party site called Case-Mate. Many styles and colors are available to choose from. The same website is also offering a wide selection of AT&T iPhone 4 cases, therefore this does not seem to be a misprint. Offwire though has now pulled all Verizon iPhone related products from its catalog.

Another reader pointed out that iPhone case maker Case-Mate already had their own website dedicated to products for the Verizon iPhone. That page now redirects to a generic iPhone 4 page. But, Google cache still has a copy of the webpage which reads:

Coming so near the CES in Las Vegas, perhaps we will see an announcement as early as this coming week that finally gives many cell phone fans and users what they have been wishing for since the original iPhone launched in 2007.

Thanks to redmondpie via 9to5mac

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