iOS 5.1 Got More Siri Features And iOS 5.1.2 On The Way

According to reports, Apple is working on a major update for its mobile operating system and iOS 5.0.2 may be released within a few days. A major problem with iOS 5.0.1 was the battery-drainage issue. And Apple is aiming to resolve this issue in its next update.

Apple released a major update for iOS some time back named iOS 5.0.1. But this update failed to resolve the battery-drainage issue for iPhone 4S users. According to Macerkofp, Apple is now working to release another major update for the firmware, titled iOS 5.0.2. According to the reports, this update will successfully resolve the batter-life problem. After this update, the battery of an iPhone 4S may be able to last for 40 hours on standby and 10 hours when in use.

Siri enhanced in iOS 5.1:
At the same time, Apple is involved in working on iOS 5.1 which will be the first major update for iOS 5. Siri was among the most prominent features of iOS 5 and the update iOS 5.1 will include a number of new Siri features. An interesting feature which may be a part of Siri in this update is the control of hardware through Siri. For example, if this feature is implemented, you may be able to tell your camera to take photos, make a movie. You may also be able to tell your mobile to turn on or turn off the wi-fi. If indeed this feature is included in iOS 5.1, it will be a very useful feature.

Analysts have speculated that both these updates may be released very soon, supposedly within two weeks. However, Apple has given no official release date so far.

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