Music App mScribble For iPhone And iPod Touch

Do you want to produce awesome music, even while you are no good at it? The mScribble app by Panpipes Ho! may do this for you. mScribble means Scribble music. You can play an infinite number of melodies even when you have no musical experience. The app assists you in producing music which you can do by tapping the app and sliding over the entire touch screen.

So how is it done? You get to have a lot of music styles to choose from. From renaissance to zombie, you will easily find some style that you will like. To assists you with producing music, every style has a description and comes with an example performance.

All you have to do is select a style of your taste, and then start producing music. The app is on ‘record’ by default which means that as soon as you start creating music, it is recorded by the app. Once you are done, the app has already converted the music file into a format that can be uploaded to the Sound Cloud, or sent through mail or downloaded to a desktop immediately.

But that’s not it. Got any toddlers at your home who want to play music? Just let the little ones touch the app’s icon and that begins playing the music even without the need to touch the user interface.

You may wonder how that app works. Well, mScribble has a built-in knowledge of a number of music elements, such as harmoney, rhythm and melody. And so, through this knowledge, it helps the user create new music. Currently the app is available for free. It is available worldwide through the App Store.

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