New iPhone 5 Parts Surfaces,iPhone 4-Like Design

9 to 5 Mac have managed to get more parts of the next generation iPhone (iPhone 5). From the sources at Foxconn and the leaked parts of the next gen iPhone 5 indicates some design changes but mostly similar to iPhone 4.

These parts reveal the following:
– Next iPhone will have color options: black or white.
– Contrary to some reports, next iPhone will feature a home button as the dock connector parts includes a home button connector as well.
– The headphone jack flex is redesigned. The connection piece to the iPhone’s motherboard usually sits at the top of the cable but on the next iPhone, it sits on the middle of the cable. This means the piece might be moved to the bottom of the device.

Apple moving the headphone jack flex motherboard connector elsewhere could mean that Apple might be making room for something new in the device. Our speculation ranges from a beefier processor, more storage, a bigger battery, a better camera, a 4G chip, a Gobi CDMA/GSM chip, to NFC. At this point there is no way to tell.

There were also rumor at the beginning of March that Apple will go back to a metallic back for the next iPhone and that it will introduce a new redesigned antenna. Next iPhone is expected to feature the new A5 processor, currently found in iPad 2, and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Apple is expected to announce the next iPhone sometime in June or July this year.

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