New Signal App for iPhone Released By Planetbeing

One of the greatest member of the iPhone Dev-Team is Planetbeing who released a new application for iPhone called signal.

Signal maps the cell towers you are connected to and displays detailed cellular information from the baseband.

You can download Signal for $4.99 from the Cydia Store.


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  1. George

    It does not work with Verizon iPhone don’t buy this app. No support for Verizon iPhone

  2. Steeve0911

    Why doesn’t signal work on Verizon’s network?   Is it CDMA vrs GSM phones?   Is planetbeing working on updated this app to work with Verizon?   I saw the last post too late.  I have purchased the app and it is true. It does not work on the Verizon network.    Anyone have any advice?

  3. Nope

    It doesn’t work on AT&T anymore either…

  4. Toto

    don”t  work with 4S

  5. signal booster

    The iPhone rarely faces weak signal problem but it also depends on which network operator you have been chosen for the iPhone. Planetbeing is fairly doing good job with producing such useful application for iPhone users.

  6. signal boosters

    Planetbeing is a very innovative iPhone development firm that often produces the stuffs which is highly in-demand among iPhone users. The main thing is that the Planetbeing designs, makes and develops useful plug-ins and apps those eventually becomes essential for iPhone users.

  7. Techn1

    I purchased the original version at 5 bucks back when musclenerd and other devs started posting we ought to buy this app to help out planetbeing financially since he wasnt making anything for a jailbreak.Now Im supposed to pay another 3 bucks to update an app that really doesnt DO anything,just shows a map?What a rip!

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