Next-Gen iPhone May Launch Later This Year, Supports 4G LTE Connectivity

So now that Apple has named it’s new iPad the ‘new iPad’, what’s it gonna be for the next iPhone? iPhone 5? iPhone 4G? Or perhaps none can guess just like no one could predict the new iPad would be named thus. Anyway, now that the new iPad is here, analysts are speculating that the launch day sales may hit millions, which means it is going to be huge! And at the same time, the limelight of rumor-mill has shifted back to the next-gen iPhone which, it is being claimed, will feature 4G LTE connectivity.

This latest rumor comes from DigiTimes, which is claiming that it was able to gain this ‘inside scoop’ from a Taiwan-based smartphone manufacturer. According to the ‘inside information’ divulged by this source, then next iPhone will be featuring support for 4G LTE connectivity. Digitimes’ source has also claimed that the next iPhone will be unveiled by Apple sometimes during the second half of 2012. If indeed this iPhone hits the shelves with LTE, the analysts who have earlier kept the estimates for the sales of LTE capable handsets to 25 million are saying that the sales may reach 50 million.

Not much is known about the next iPhone or that what features it will have. What is a given is that it will have a faster processor. There’s also the possibility of a larger display and, as mentioned above, support for 4G.

Image courtesy Yutaka.

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