Nissan Introduces Automatically-Healing iPhone Case

Imagine you had an iPhone case which acquired a few scratches. And after some times, those scratches healed automatically. Nissan’s new iPhone case is exactly like that. It uses an advanced paint technology which automatically mends any minor scratches on the case. Japanese car maker, Nissan, has announced the production of the case only recently and plans to launch it publicly once the demand builds up.

So the question is how can a case heal itself automatically? Well, the answer lies in the self-healing paint finish that Nissan developed back in 2005. The paint is already used on a number of Nissan’s car models and was actually developed in collaboration with Advanced Softmaterials Inc. and University of Tokyo. The case is made up of ABS plastic which allows it to be very flexible and appear gel-like. According to Nissan, the outer-most coat of the case comprises of polyrotaxane. So whenever a scratch occurs on the case, the chemical polyrotaxane reacts to it immediately and moved to fill the gap created by a scratch, therefore removing the scratch immediately. This is how this iPhone case heals itself automatically.

This self-healing technology has already being licensed by Nissan to NTT DoCoMo who is using this technology on it’s own line of mobile phones. Although this self-healing shield can easily mend minor scratches, it is unable to heal a scratch that is deep. For instance, the paint can’t take care of a scratch made by a key on the case. Currently, Nissan is assessing the demand market of the case and says that once the demand proves strong, Nissasn will launch the phone later this year.

Image courtesy navets.

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