O2 To Launch iPhone 5 On 21st October

A possible release date for the iPhone 5, are rumoured to have been leaked by Vodafone and O2 respectively, Vodafone’s product pages were shown to have included listings for the iPhone 5 in among compatible devices for the company’s Sure Signal booster and with some saying the iPhone 5 will launch early October in the US so that October 21st for the UK seems to be plausible. No additional specs or information was given out other than the purported release date and the customer service rep could have been dead-on, but if you’re an O2 customer, perhaps the 21st of October is a date you may want to mark down on your calendar………………


The iPhone 5 is widely thought to be coming sometime next month, even though there is no official word from Apple that any such device is planned and few days ago we see the Vodafone product pages that were advertising the Sure Signal booster. The product listing had a variety of compatible devices, which included the iPhone 5 and details of the product such as storage options. KnowYourMobile have an article that claims they have been contacted by a source who claims to have spoken with a representative from UK mobile carrier O2. This conversation allegedly involves the proposed release date for the iPhone 5 and the O2 employee said the device will be coming to the UK on October 21st. While there has been plenty of speculation the handset was coming during October, we haven’t heard an actual date for that month. If the news is true Apple will be pretty miffed that carriers are leaking information before the new flagship smartphone is even revealed to the world. There are many consumers who already have Apple mobile devices that are looking forward to the release of iOS 5 and the new features it will provide. The O2 staff member didn’t reveal any information regarding the iPhone 5 except the date. Apple iPhone fans are hoping for a bigger display and improved camera amongst the new features of the iPhone 5.


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