Optimize iPhone Icons For Retina Display Quickly and Effectively With iRetinizeBoot

A new Cydia tweak has released. Dubbed as iRetinizeBoot. It helps you to optimize your iPhone icons for retina display quickly and effectively. iRetinizeBoot runs when you boot your device, checking for new apps that aren’t retina optimized.

While your device is booting it quickly and efficiently iRetinizes ALL of your icons! Once it finishes, it closes the background process so it isn’t running in the background. When your device finishes booting, your icons are iRetinized!

iRetinizeBoot can also at any time be run on your iDevices terminal. Simply type iRetinizeBoot and it will automatically start iRetinizing your apps for you.

iRetinizeBoot is available in Cydia via modmyi repo.


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