Pegatron Technology Received Order of 15m iPhone 5 From Apple

It has been revealed that Taiwanese Manufacturing company, Pegatron Technology has received a manufacturing order from Apple for 15 million iPhone 5 units. The sources also revealed that the upcoming iPhone 5 is a minor update to iPhone 4, most probably with a new design and less new features compared to iPhone 4, Digitimes reported. They also reported that Pegatron has significantly increased its manpower and plants in 2010 when they received an order of 10 million CDMA iPhone 4s but because of less demand of the CDMA iPhone 4, the company supplied less than 4 million units which caused a fall in the company’s gross margin and utilization rate.

Pegatron is also trying to get Macbook and iPad orders from the Cupertino company but Apple has already placed orders with other manufacturers.

Digitimes report

In addition to the iPhone, Pegatron has also been aggressive striving for iPad or Macbook orders from Apple, but due to the products’ existing makers are defending their orders, Pegatron currently still has not yet achieved any progress. However, under the consideration of separating risks, some market watchers believe Pegatron will have chance to land a small volume of iPad orders in 2012.

Apple is expected to reveal the new iPhone 5 in the fall event expected to take place in September but at the moment, there is no official word from the company regarding this matter. Let’s see what new things Apple has planned for the fall event later this year.

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