iOS 7 May Get A Public Jailbreak, Says Pod2g

Although Apple is yet to publicly roll out iOS 7 on September 18, the talk of a possible jailbreak is already in the air. Pod2g, one of the key hackers who has been behind the jailbreak of past iOS versions, has now hinted that the jailbreak for iOS 7 is not far and going to be a public jailbreak.


In a recent tweet posted to Pod2g’s official Twitter account, he said that he was ‘being more and more confident about an iOS 7 public jailbreak.’ However, he was quick to note that we shouldn’t expect an ETA for iOS 7 any time soon and that it may take a while still.

@pimskeks is another iOS hacker who is apparently working on this project with Pod2g. When Pod2g revealed that he is hopeful about a public jailbreak of iOS 7, @pimskeks was quick to remind him that, ‘hey @pod2g that’s confidential.’

Interestingly, evad3rs, the team which released the last major iOS jailbreak, has revealed that it has already been able to achieve unsigned userland code execution on iOS 7. This, the team has stated, gives them a good enough place to start tinkering with the kernel.

It is good to see that even before the official roll-out of iOS 7, iOS hackers are working really hard to gain the advantage over Apple’s security measures. For those who aren’t exactly fond of Apple’s firmware restrictions, jailbreak is the way to go which is precisely why you may want to keep an eye on Pod2g’s Twitter feed.

Courtesy: iClarified

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