Put Your Baby To Sweet Sleep With White Noise iPhone App

White noise has always proved a fairly successful tool of putting little babies to sleep. Apparently, there is now an iPhone app which comes with a whole range of white noises and lets you put your little one to sleep without any hassles.

aSleep for iOS

aSleep for iOS is an excellent app in that it costs a mere $0.99 and comes with a wide range of different kinds of white noises. There’s also a classic white noise which is clear of any embellishments and serves real good in lulling the baby.

In total, the app lets you use 65 different white noises and in each of these noises, you can tweak the volume, speed and total time of the noise. This lets you tweak the lulling sound exactly to the needs of your baby. If your baby has a fondness of low-volume white noise, you can crank down the volume on your iPhone.

Normally, it is suggested by the experts that the sound of the white noise should be nearly the same as the sound of the cries of a given baby. However, you can play with different white noises, check out different volumes and see which of these settings put your baby to a happy sleep.

You can download the app from iTunes Store.

Source: iTunes

Courtesy: Mashable

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