[Review] Amazing Motorcycle Racing Game – “Moto-Sike-O” Arrived For iPhone & iPad

To give you real feeling of Bike Racing here comes Moto-Sike-O, a new Motorcycle Racing Game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The most exciting thing about this game is, its 3D graphics will give you realistic feelings. This is now available in App Store. We have prepared a full details review of this game for our readers.


Basic Details:

Moto-Sike-O is a new motorcycle racing game that challenges you more than any other motorcycle racing game available today (expecting millions of downloads). The game’s artificial intelligence makes the game more difficult the better you get, so you always stay on the edge of your seat.  While you think you’re playing the game, it’s really playing you, throwing more obstacles in your way the further you progress.  Just when you think you can out maneuver all the cars & trucks, another car, truck or other obstacle moves in your way unexpectedly, forcing you to respond faster than before.  You’re quickly hooked because the thrill of the game is so addictive; you just want to keep playing!
If you have the right iPad adapters to play Moto-Sike-O on a large screen HDTV, you will be amazed at how realistic the 3D graphics are.


Right now the game is available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later. Coming soon on Android and Facebook.
It costs only $0.99 in App Store. Its introductory price and will go up soon. Because of that level should be priced at least $4.99 USD.

iTune Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/motosikeo/id494233400?ls=1&mt=8
Short Link: https://thetechjournal.com/MSOApp

Game Feature:

  • Dynamic artificial intelligence continues to make the game more challenging no matter how good you get.
  • Responsive control. It drives and feels like a real motorcycle.
  • Speed control by tilting the device forward and backward
  • Turning control by tilting the device left and right
  • Wheelie the bike by tap and hold anywhere on the screen
  • Progress indicator so you know where you are on the course
  • Leaderboard
  • Top speed of 150 mph by tilting forward.
  • Top speed of 180 mph when doing a wheelie
  • Extra points for passing a vehicle while doing a wheelie
  • Amazing 3D graphics. Try driving through the covered gas stations.

How To Play?

Its control is nice.
1. To Control Direction Tilt device left or right.
2. To Speed up or Slow Down you have to move device to the ground or towards you.
3. If you want to jump you just have to touch screen.

Check the Image to get better idea.


You need passion and real control to do good in this game. It starts easy, but will grow tough as you start getting points. There will be more obstacle with time. So instead of speeding up you need to be in control, because you never know when obstacle come. And survival is also important in this game with speed.

Our Review:

Its so far best Bike racing game I have seen for iOS device. Its 3D graphics and intelligent control make it more appealing. It might take you a while to master its control but its surely seductive and you will have hard time quieting it. The game just arrived in App store with an introductory price of $0.99 USD, which is a bargain deal. Get it as soon possible, and try it out yourself. Surely this game is going to be a big hit.

Video Demo:

Screen Shots:

This game will be a sure hit. what you think? Would you like to get promo code for this game? Share your thoughts with us.

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