Rumor: Apple Considering New Look For iPhone 5

New iPhone 5 rumors point to radical new case and some developers have been given access to an iPhone 4 with updated internal hardware for giving rise to the rumor that the next iPhone would maintain the same case design as the current model.Apple is expected to announce iPhone 5 / 4S in August and this report goes against many others who pegged a new iPhone release in September. iPhone 5 / 4S could feature tapered edges to look more like the iPad 2 design and may company will be considering increasing the screen size from 3.5 inch to 3.7 inch……….


According to Boy Genius Report (BGR), the next generation iPhone could launch as early as August this year and is expected look radically different from the current iPhone 4. BGR cited a reliable source as saying that Apple is working on a radical new case design. Some analysts agree with BGR‘s report as Apple is always on the bleeding edge of industry design. They feel that with the launch of a slew of high-end Android smartphones, Apple is also feeling the heat up its neck. And if the iPhone launch is delayed till next year, it could be fatal for Apple as consumers are increasingly being lured away by Android smartphones that offer similar features and specs, if not better. Moreover, for iPhone to remain the gold standard in the smartphone industry, the next generation iPhone shouldn’t just feature software upgrades. The new iPhone must boast of revolutionary changes for it to remain a game changer, the analysts said. Hence, it is not surprising to see people expect that the new iPhone aka iPhone 5 will not only be ultra-thin but also it will boast of a tapered design with a curved glass display (This is My Next site has an excellent rendering of what the new iPhone could look like). The iPhone 5 is also expected to run on Apple‘s new powerful dual-core A5 processor and sport a bigger edge-to-edge 4-inch screen.

Rumors that the iPhone 5 will show up in August is the latest to hit the Internet. Earlier, market analysts said a September launch is imminent and the next generation iPhone’s launch will be announced at Apple‘s annual September event where it has till now customarily launched newer iPod models. According to Brian White, an analyst for Ticonderoga Securities, Apple would probably put off iPhone 5 launch for September, when the company begins its new financial year, rather than launch it within months of the launch of the white iPhone 4, which is doing extremely well. The September launch will also help Apple tide over problems related to supply delay, the analyst said. A recent news that printed circuit board (PCB) suppliers in Taiwan have noticed “disappointing orders” for iPhone and iPad also suggest that Apple’s highly anticipated next-generation iPhone is imminent and it could hit the market as early as September. An October/November launch date has also not been ruled out as Apple might want the new iPhone to hit the market with the iOS 5 pre-installed. The iOS 5‘s launch has been scheduled for Fall. The reason Apple might want the new iPhone to run on iOS 5 is because iOS 5 gives users immediate access to Apple‘s ambitious cloud-based photo, video, music and data backup and pushout service called iCloud. And, there’s no better and faster way of letting people try out iCloud than selling the new iPhone with iOS 5 pre-installed.



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