Rumor: White iPhone 4 Coming in April

Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told AppleInsider that official production has begun on the infamous white iPhone and we can expect it to ship in April. It was also reported that Apple is getting ready to ship the mysterious white iPhone 4 to AT&T customers.

Reports have indicated that the white iPhone 4 also had camera problems due to light leakage through the white-painted glass back panel. Apple must have fixed this problem as well if they’re planning to sell the device. For the time being, Kuo stated that Apple will only sell an AT&T version of the white iPhone 4 and did not mention a possible Verizon release date.

The white iPhone 4 was initially expected to ship alongside the black one last summer. The product was postponed more than once by Apple. Promotional materials last indicated that the white iPhone 4 would finally be available in spring 2011. Several retailers have prepared their shelves and made room in their inventory systems for the white iPhone 4. Apple will be selling the iPad 2 in white and black versions starting this Friday.

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