Run FaceTime on Unofficial Carrier for iOS 4.2.1 / 4.1 on iPhone 4 Using MiTime[How To]

MiTime is an application available for jailbroken iPhones that activates FaceTime on unlocked iPhone 4s that are running on unofficial/unsupported carriers, such as T-Mobile USA.The app was first introduced back in August of 2010.It has just updated to support iOS 4.2.1 and 4.1.Now I will show you step by step guide to use FaceTime on iPhone 4 with unofficial carrier.

Follow the guide below to activate FaceTime on your unlocked iPhone 4…

If you’re operating on an unofficial carrier (such as T-Mobile USA), you will need to fully activate your iPhone 4. To do this you must install SAM from Cydia. If your iPhone is already activated with SAM, skip to step 5.

STEP 1: Launch Cydia the go into Manage > Sources > Edit > Add then add the following source:

STEP 2: Now search for SAM and SAMPrefs then download and install each of them on your iPhone 4

STEP 3: Now go to Setting on your iPhone 4, and select SAM, when it opened, click “De-Activate iPhone” button and then “Revert Lockdownd to Stock” button.

STEP 4: Now you have to activate your iPhone 4 by connecting it with iTunes. After few minutes you will see a message confirming that your iPhone has been activated.

STEP 5: Launch Cydia again, Manage > Sources > Edit > Add then add the following source:

STEP 6: Now go and search for MiTime, then download and install it to your iPhone 4

STEP 7: Now open MiTime from your springboard

STEP 8: Now you have to visit “” to purchase a MiTime license.

STEP 9: After purchasing, open MiTime again, you will see this message.

You can now FaceTime with your family and Friends using your unlocked iPhone 4!

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  1. Ivan Guerrero48st

    crap I just followed instructions and now it the iphone wont activate!

  2. Kooltop24_7

    Mitime is not working cause I used all attempts wath can I do mitime never worked for me and I want to fix FaceTime

  3. Udarlag

    I have iphone 4 unlooked with gavey sim on t mobile service MMS works fine face time wait for activation for ever does not activate I tried everything is there a fix for that?

  4. Lavrig

    All works perfectly on the phone unlocked U.S. in Europe. firmware 4.3.3 thanks for the instructions – most importantly – my phone stopped discharging

  5. Dp_olvi

    i followed it now my phone is stuck to emergency calls only.. what to do..? pls. help asap..

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