Samsung Wants To Ban iPhone 5 In Korea

The Korea Times reports that Samsung is seeking a complete ban  on the iPhone 5 sales in Korea, even before the handset is even released and the report goes on to mention that iPhone sports an LG Display-made screen, LG Innotek’s eight-megapixel camera, Samsung-made NAND flash and A5 chip and an NFC chip for wireless payment. Samsung and Apple are now embroiled in 23 lawsuits in at least nine countries and  Samsung also filed a complaint before a Paris district court in July over an alleged infringement of three Samsung patents…………….


Samsung reportedly preparing for patent litigation against iPhone 5 and the patent war between Apple and Samsung shows no signs of slowing down and the Korean company is now planning to launch a counterattack on Apple when the iPhone 5 makes its debut. The publication states that Samsung is determined to use its basic mobile telecom patents against Apple, which it is confident that the Cupertino company has no way of sidestepping in its developing the iPhone 5. Samsung has taken some major blows in its legal battles against Apple, having seen its Galaxy Tab tablet banned in Germany earlier this month and been forced to delay the tablet’s launch in Australia and it was also compelled to modify its Galaxy S II phone after an injunction against it was granted to Apple in Europe. There are currently at least 23 pending lawsuits between Apple and Samsung in France, Germany, Japan, Korea and the USA and it expects more to be filed in other countries in the coming months.



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