SBRotator 4 Is Available for iOS 4.x

The famous tweak that is SBRotator has finally made its way to iOS 4.SBRotator4 is now available to add native rotation to the iPhone/iPod.The original SBRotator was good but this version is so clean.It rotates your whole SpringBoard, not just icons independently. It also rotates some of non-rotating apps, like Settings, YouTube, Phone and more.

SBRotator 4 offers different icon layouts for each orientation. It lets you have 4×4 icons in portrait but 3×6 or 2×8 in landscape and so on. It also rotates App Switcher (multitasking bar) to match SpringBoard’s orientation.

Several rotation options are included, animation options, icon layout options, icon sizing options to fit your icons better in landscape etc.

The tweak works with a number of other tweaks from Cydia such as ScrollingBoard, Shrink and Barrel.

Within the settings option you can also choose which standard apps you would like to be able to rotate, the choices at the moment are Settings, AppStore, iTunes, Youtube and Phone. All of them look great in portrait mode with the exception of the phone app where its looks all squashed.

Another nice feature in SBR4 is that Limneos has added the ability to use a gesture through the Activator tweak to enable the orientation lock.

SBRotator for 4.x is available in Cydia for $1.99.
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