Top 7 Secret Apps To Hide Your Private Photos And Files

If you don’t want to let anybody discover your private life through your smartphone and looking for a way out to hide your secret life, then we present you top 7 perfect apps that will allow you manage your privacy.


In our daily life, it’s pretty usual that we will have secret photos and files what we would prefer to hide from others. But smartphone era has made it tough to secure our private data as anybody can go through it if he/she has access to your phone. So you must have some hidden place to lock your secret photos and files. We have made a list of most reliable and secure apps which you can download without any hesitation.

1. Lock Photo+Video Safe Free


You can do many thing together in this one app and make your life secure and better than before. Not only photos, it allows you to hide videos, audio files, MS word, Excel, notes, texts and many more. Great app for daily life and for any business type reason as well.
iTunes Link: Click Here
Price: Free

2. HiFolder – Hide Private Photo.s Album.s


This app will secure your privacy through password lock and you can keep any kind of photos and files secretly. It’s very user-friendly as you can save your time and enrich your life by using this app. You can export through WI-Fi,¬†email and iTunes sync is faster than regular in this app.
iTunes Link: Click Here
Price: Free

3. iVault – Private Photo.s & Video.s Vault + Secret.s Folder.s Manage.r


It provides many convenient features including high efficient file managers, import and export text message, photos and videos. You can directly hide photo from Camera Roll.
iTunes Link: Click Here
Price: Free

4. Secret Calculator Folder Free


Using this amazing app, you can hide your secret photos and videos. You can also write and secretly store notes, make secret bookmarks, browse Internet without any trace.
iTunes Link: Click Here
Price: Free

5. Best Secret Folder

It will allow you to set a dummy screen so that unwanted people can’t access your phone. It has password lock and pattern lock which will let you know by alarm when someone will try to access.
iTunes Link: Click Here
Price: Free

6. Lock Photo Pro: Private Album Manager & Organizer

It lets you keep a collection of your sexy pic in a separate stash and you can use long password to make sure your privacy system. You can directly add data from your original location and export it through mail or message.
iTunes Link: Click Here
Price: Free

7. NQ Vault – Hide private pictures

Along with hiding photos and videos, this app can also hide your Facebook messages. So that you can just secretly open messages and none can see it.

iTunes Link: Click Here
Android Link: Click Here
Price: Free

If you have got any other apps to secure your privacy, please feel free to share with us.

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