Shortmail iPhone App – Email In 500 Characters

Shortmail is a mailing service that can be termed a twitter-mail. It restricts all emails sent and received by its users to 500 characters. The latest on shortmail is that it finally has its iPhone App too. So now you can get ‘to the point’ on iPhone too!

If you get bored by reading those oh-so-long emails which contain barely a sentence or two of any significance, Shortmail is here for your help. Getting an account on Shortmail is easy. You can simply use your twitter id and that id will also be your handle to be used with ‘’

Shortmail for iPhone users:
iPhone is a cute gadget. And really, when people use a device as good as this, they ought to be concise and intelligent when sending mails – reading a long, boring mail on iPhone can be quite a torture often. And that’s why the significance of Shortmail for iPhone users is much more. Now that Shortmail has launched an iPhone App, you can simply get a Shortmail id. And voila! All your long-mail problems will be solved. You will be able to send only 500-character emails and the mails you receive will be no longer than that either.

However, the App’s interface is more like an instant-messaging app than a regular email service. It’s not a problem since shortmail is more like a conversational app, supporting no attachments, no making of folders or most of the other features of the regular email. In a shortmail-ish way of speaking, Shortmail is simply a Twitter-ized email.

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