Siri Ported From iPhone 4S To iPhone 4 And iPad 2

Troughton Smith had successfully ported the Siri Voice Assistant onto iPhone 4 whcih has been demonstrated in the video by 9to5Mac and Siri Assistant Feature is one of the most desired feature of iOS 5, but it was initially reported that its port to older Apple devices is not possible as its linked with Apple A5 Dual CoreProcessor chip, however recently iH8sn0w – famous iPhone Hacker and developer for Snowbreeze has confirmed that it can work on A4 chips as well. Siri does have all the same capabilities on the iPhone 4 and the eature has a standard speech view as well as a text field view, which are both available after the port. Siri Assistant allows you send voice commands to your iPhone 4S to check weather, book an appointment or meeting, text, email and nearly all the native features……………..


We have some good news for iPhone 4 users who were hoping that Siri, Apple‘s revolutionary personal assistant feature, that is exclusively available only on Apple’s iPhone 4S and now can be enabled on iPhone 4. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith has been working with 9to5Mac exclusively to port the iPhone 4S Siri voice command system to the iPhone 4. Troughton-Smith was able to get the beginning steps of a full port rolling after installing the iPhone 4S Siri and Springboard files onto an iPhone 4Siri’s interface loads up with all the features from the iPhone 4S implementation and Siri on the iPhone 4 can recognize spoken commands in both the standard Siri view and also the keyboard Dictation view. The only issue at this point is that Apple is not authenticating commands to its servers from iPhone 4 hardware. The Siri port to the iPhone 4 also has the ability to speak back to the user. Apple not to allow Siri to run on the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4 hardware can support the Siri artificial intelligence system, as the A4 processor is said to be powerful enough. Apple is making Siri an iPhone 4S exclusive, but it could be due to special microphone support or because the A5 may allow it to run slightly quicker.


A new news comes straight from the developer Sonny Dickson in a tweet sent out from his Twitter account, which he announces Siri for iPad 2 and the tweet includes a photo, which shows Settings > General > Siri. Siri for iPhone 4 does not accept any input and reason being that Apple servers do not accept Siri voice input to be processed if it is coming from any device except the iPhone 4S. While Dickson hasn’t explained the state of Siri for iPad 2 port and there will be a workaround for this in the future. Jailbreak developer MuscleNerd has stated that porting Siri over to older, unsupported devices isn’t possible without resorting to piracy. Since developers from the jailbreaking community have always been against piracy, hence they’ll probably not port Siri over to older devices until a suitable solution is found. This doesn’t mean others can’t try though, as Sonny Dickson has done exactly that:



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