Sony Introduces 13-Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor With HDR Video, Perfect Candidate For iPhone 5

Apple has a knack of taking the thickness of it’s devices a notch down with every new release. It reduces the iPhone from it’s standard size to a sleek, smart size features in iPhone 4S. And it may have to make it even slimmer because that’s what the customers expect in the upcoming iPhone. But the problem is that to make the next iPhone thinner, Apple will need a camera modules which will allow this. Sony has just unveiled a CMOS sensor which can be just the perfect candidate if Apple wants to further trim down the thickness in iPhone 5.

This new CMOS image sensor is back-illuminated and it’s tiny size makes it an ideal component for iPhone 5’s camera module. It also makes use of white-light image sensors and result in very clear images with less picture distortion in dark scenes and much better videos.

This new image sensor also utilizes the HDR Movie feature. This features allows a camera to capture two different exposures at the same time! This means that with a camera which has this feature enabled, you can shoot a foreground and a background, both with different exposures and clearly different results.

The interesting thing is that Sony has developed imaging circuitry independent of any supporting logic. This will allow Sony to easily ship out the product to third parties. We expect that Sony will definitely be targeting a place in iPhone 5 and if indeed Apple agrees to such a move, this would spell huge success for this new product by Sony. Apple’s A5 chip is able to perform certain amount of image post-processing. We are sure iPhone 5 will also feature a chip which can accomplish this and in a far better way. Now imagine this Sony CMOS image sensor in iPhone 5, coupled wit the fact that iPhone 5’s chip will further enhance it’s results. It can create a camera with a stunning output. However, Apple is still mum on this and we don’t hope it to reveal anything about whether or not it may use this new CMOS in the upcoming iPhone device.

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