SRS Labs Introduce New IWow 3D Sound

SRS Labs announced the latest generation of its sound enhancement hardware for Apple portable devices. Naming as the “The iWow 3D” with the 3D sound effect designed to work with the free iWow iOS app, connect to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad’s 30-pin dock connector, and then plug your headphones or 1/8-inch cable into the iWow’s extended line-out jack.

The product comes in two models. The $70 iWow 3D comes with the device by itself, while the $100 iWow 3D Combo includes a set of in-ear headphones and four faceplates (blue, green, pink, and silver) that you can swap in place of the standard black one.

The iWow app lets you choose whether you’re connected to headphones, speakers, or a car stereo, and the advanced settings let you turn on and off any combination of Wide Surround, Deep Bass, and High Treble options. Although you can use the iWow HD with any dock-based Apple device in a simple on/off mode, the app obviously only works on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


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