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A few days ago i’ve posted “Steps To Create Folders in iOS 4.0“.I think it has helped all of you a lot to create a folder in iPhone with a new OS iOS 4.0.

Interesting matter that shocked me and i think you too is that it automatically assigns a name to the folder based on the iPhone apps inside it.

If that isn’t good enough then folks at iPhone J.D. have figured out a way to assign fancy symbols to a folder name using Glyphboard.

Glyphboard is an iPhone web app developed by Neven Mrgan, which includes 48 fancy symbols that can be copied and pasted anywhere. As you might have guessed it, you can also use them for folder names.

Just follow the steps to assign fancy symbols to folders:

1. All you need to do is, point your iPhone’s Safari browser to to launch the Glyphboard web app.

2. Then tap on the + button and choose Add to Home Screen.
3. Exit iPhone Safari and tap on the Glyphboard on your iPhone’s home screen.
4. To select one of the 48 fancy symbols , tap and hold on a symbol to select and then tap on the Copy button.
5. If you want to create a folder with multiple symbols then you can use the scratchboard at the top to copy multiple symbols.
6. You can then use the symbols copied to iPhone’s clipboard to assign it to folder names by pasting it.

So there you go, a cool way to add a touch of style to your folder names.

Plz give your comments if it works succesfully.


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FaceTime supports iOS URL schemes in iPhone 3GS
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  On July 4, 2010(6 years, 11 months ago.)

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  6. Sadg19 Says:

    Interesting matter that shocked me and i think you too is that it automatically assigns a name to the folder based on the iPhone apps inside it.

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  7. Jimmy L Says:

    cool. it works and the best part is you get these additional symbols without a jailbreak

    Posted on February 6th, 2011 at 12:17 AM

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    As you might have guessed it, you can also use them for folder names.

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