Steps to Install Five-Column SpringBoard jailbreak app on Your Jailbroken iPhone

New iPhone app’s being released day by day.Five-Column SpringBoard jailbreak app is the most recent ones.It is the combination of Five Icon Dock and Five Icon Switcher.

Five Icon Dock adds an extra app to the iPhone dock.It is developed by Jay Freeman (aka Saurik) who also manages the Cydia store for jailbreak apps.On the other hand Five Icon Switcher adds an extra app to the task switcher.It is developed by chpwn. Chpwn has also developed some cool jailbreak apps like Infinifolders and Infinidock (which allows you to add infinite number of apps in the iPhone dock).

The instructions to install it on your jailbroken iPhone are given below.

1. Launch Cydia from your jailbroken iPhone’s homescreen.

2. Tap on the Search tab and search for five.

3. Tap on Five Icon Dock and then on the ‘Install’ button to install it on your iPhone.

4. Once it’s installed and you’ve reloaded the springboard, you’ll be able to add a fifth iPhone app to the iPhone dock.

That’s all.


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