Strapya World Brought iPhone 5 Case With A Graphics iEqualizer At The Back

There are a lot iPhone 5 cases available in the market of different brands. But have you ever seen any Graphics Equalizer in the back case of an iPhone? I’m sure you haven’t. Recently Strapya World has shown iEqualizer case for iPhone 5.


In a video, Mashable has shown that the graphic equalizer runs on two small batteries that sit inside the case. So it won’t drain your battery quickly. The case also protects your device like other cases. It also encloses your device keeping a hole on the on/off switch. Although the case looks so thick, it will make the whole apparent nearly twice your iPhone. Here’s a video for you.

If you like the iEqualizer case for iPhone 5, you can pre-order it from the Strapya World. The price of  iEqualizer case for iPhone 5 is  $32.30 and it is expected to be shipped in early April.

Source: Mashable

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