T-Mobile To Slash iPhone Branding From BYOD Campaign

An internal memo obtained by TmoNews appears to justify T-Mobile’s plans of slashing the “Apple iPhone” branding from its BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) campaign that launched last month. T-Mobile, as we know, happens to be one of the few major U.S. carriers that doesn’t offer the iPhone. Owned and operated by Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile USA has over 1 million unlocked iPhone on their network.

The report cites, this “could be a T-Mobile management decision, an Apple legal decision, a T-Mobile legal decision.” T-Mobile advertised severed prices for users who brought their own unlocked iPhone for use on the network. Specifically, T-Mobile customers would “save $50/month” over pricing AT&T users withstood.

Recently, T-Mobile obtained Nano-SIM cards so that customers had the choice to bring an iPhone 5 on the network. It’s notable that iPhone users are held to 2G EDGE internet speeds on T-Mobile due to the 1900 MHZ AWS frequency is not supported by the iPhone.

The BYOD campaign will continue on lacking any iPhone acknowledgment. T-Mobile endorses users to transfer any unlocked phone to their network to receive a discount on service. They will continue to stock-up Nano-SIMs for use with iPhone 5 units when customers request so.

Source: IntoMobile

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