Take A Look How iOS 5 Assistant Feature Might Look Like [Video]

Jan-Michael Cart From MacRumors made a video which gives an idea how the iOS Assistant feature might look like. Assistant will be an extended functionality for Voice Command for iOS Device. Check the video and details about the feature below.

iOS 5 Assistant

From the news of Apple’s acquisition of Siri and recent invitation on 4th October event its clean new iOS 5 will bring Voice Command functionality and that feature will be called Assistant.

Jan-Michael Cart from MacRumors made a video to explain their idea how this Assistant feature might look like. Take a look at this video.

Details About iOS Assistant:
Its a Voice command application. It will be enable if we press home button for over 5 sec. Apple bought Siri, and they are famous for their Nuance-based voice recognition application which is a service with the capacity to search for restaurants, movies, events, local businesses, taxis etc. So rumor has it Apple is going to use this technology to their core function. MacRumors explain this feature this way –

“After receiving spoken commands, the Assistant shows you back the recognized text and then takes the next step. This could involve sending a text message (with confirmation) or pulling data from Wolfram Alpha.”

You could take a look how Siri work before

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Thanks to MacRumors
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