The Entire Best Buy Launch Plan for iPhone 4 Has Been Leaked!

Here is another shocking news. Some individual called “bbinsider” has leaked Best Buy enrite launch plan for iPhone 4.

Entire Best Buy iPhone 4 Launch Plan Leaked!  The plan was provided to Apple News Site iClarified after a post on HowardForums failed due to PhotoBucket issues.

In the 24 page document, Best Buy outlines some of the following:
● Big Don’ts
● Employee Purchases
● SKUs and Pricing
● Data Plan Requirements
● iPhone Rate Plans
● Micro SIM
● Passing Along an Old iPhone
● Early Termination Fees
● How Does iPhone 4 Stack Up vs. iPhone 3GS?
● How Does iPhone 4 Stack Up vs. the Top Devices from Verizon and Sprint?
● Training Resources
● Pre-Sales
● Launch Day Plan
● Accessories
● Trade-ins
● Returns and Exchanges
● Inventory and Loss Prevention
● Services
● Merchandising and Marketing

Notably, Best Buy plans to offer Pre-Sales on Launch Day to those waiting in line

Since inventory availability is expected to be minimal, stores may open up a limited time pre-sale window as an option for customers on launch day who have not previously pre-purchased.
– Pre-sales may only occur up to 11:00 am local time
– Customers who pre-purchase on launch day will be added to the store’s pre-sale cue based on time of pre-sale and will get their pre-sale fulfilled in priority order
– Do not provide customers who pre=purchase on launch day timing on when a device may be available

Take a look at the entire document below…


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