ThemeIt – An Upcoming Theming Store for Your iDevice

There are even some individuals who are trying to release a new mobile application store called ThemeIt.Just as ThemeIt’s name suggests, ThemeIt will be a new store for your jailbroken iDevice that will give you access to quality winterboard themes.

From an article on ReadWriteWeb here is a snip-it on whats going on between Jay and the developers of ThemeIt:

Well as it was to be expected Saurik/Jay Freeman (maker of Cydia) doesn’t seem to appreciate our venue in “his” community. He wrote me an email, asking us to ‘back-down’ and stop our much awaited project hiding behind the fact that competition is bad… Sure competition isn’t good to someone trying to keep his monopoly and have the ability to decide how everything should or should not evolve. But we’re all aware that competition is a great thing for the end user and everyone else for that matter, it forces the different parties to do better all the time for the real good of the community. Funny enough, he suddenly seems to have become very “available” since the announcement of Theme it went public ; ) getting in contact with the different repositories, theme creators, etc.

Based around both an app coming soon to Cydia, and a companion website, Theme It intends to take the hassle out of theming your device. Unfortunately for the iOS purists, jailbreaking is still necessary.

Checkout the video preview below.

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