Thieves Used Stolen Car To Smash Apple Store And Steal Products

Seems like thieves have a particular attraction for Apple products. In the middle of September, two thieves slammed a BMW car into an Apple Store and stole a bunch of iPhone and iPad. One month later, on October 12, a different group stole a car, smashed it into Kansas Apple Store and took away some Apple products.

According to police, they heard an alarm call at 2:40 am on Friday. Within two minutes police arrived at the Kansas Apple Store at 4529 W. 119th St. They found a Sedan backed into the front of the Apple Store. Police checked the car and found nobody inside. Police later found out that the Sedan was stolen and the steering column was punched out, allowing someone to start the car without a key. The police also mentioned that the suspect used another car to get away from the scene.

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This is not the first time this kind of incident has happened in Kansas Apple Store. In 2010, the same thing happened and thieves stole only iPhone units. After that incident, additional security gates were installed. So after having strong security better than last time, how did the thieves enter into the apple store and what products did the thieves steal?

According to the surveillance cameras inside the store that captured the incident, there were several suspects backing a dark green Dodge Intrepid. One suspect who backed the stolen green Dodge Intrepid into the front window of Kansas Apple Store around 2:30 a.m. smashed the glass window and bent the steel security gate. Then the suspects entered the store, picked up the Apple products and escaped.

Police have not released a list of stolen products yet. However, at present the police are reviewing the surveillance of the video in order to find a clue to catch the thieves. The police is very much optimistic because all the idevices the thieves stole are equipped with GPS positioning technology. Police hopes that with the help of the tracking systems, they will find the suspects soon.

Anyone with information about the crime or criminals has been requested to call the Leawood Police Department’s Investigation Unit at 913-642-5555, ext. 211, or the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS (474-8477).

Source : Fox4KC

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