Top Four Paid iPhone Apps On App Store

iPhone apps have certainly been the rage of our days. With thousands of jobs being created for iPhone app developers, the iPhone app industry has literally defined a new age of technological advancement, especially that of smartphones. Here are the top four iPhone apps that are paid for most often by users on Apple’s App Store.

Angry Birds:
The Angry Birds craze is not subsiding any time soon. Being the top paid iPhone app on App Store, it is perhaps the most played game on iPhones around the globe. In fact, not just the iPhone users, Android users have also gone gaga over it. What started off as a simple game now features a number of stages, seasons and even features such as Mighty Eagle which allows you to go through difficult stages rather easily. You can purchase it here for the standard App Store price of $0.99.

Remember the game from our old, Saga-games days when Tetris was the favourite of everyone who ever played PC games or had a game console. This favouritism has transferred to the age of smartphones too where Tetris is the second most paid app after Angry Birds. Needless to state, with the touch-screen smartphone epoch, you get to have a lot of advanced controls and options with the game. In fact, in the App Store version, it is available in multiple languages.

Apparently, iPhone users are hooked to the games available in the App Store. Nearly all the top paid apps in the Store are games. Bejeweled, a puzzle game, is the third most paid iPhone app. Available only in English and with a rather large 66 MB size, the games has a number of versions and recently-added features.

The Price Is Right Decades:
The game is featured upon the show that has been aired for a long time. It is sure to bring a tinge of nostalgia and is definitely great to play. Now in the latest version, you get to guess the prices of items across different decades. Hence the new name. You can get the app here with the certainty of endless fun.

Image courtesy GlenBledsoe.

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