Turn Your iPhone 5 Into Gold iPhone 5S With $24 Sticker Kit

Apple’s iPhone 5S has been wildly popular so far. However, if you are the proud owner of an iPhone 5 and don’t wish to move to the new flagship offering, you can still make it look like an iPhone 5S with vinyl kits from MobileFun. These kits cost a mere $23.49, exclusive of the shipping charges.

iPhone 5S Gold

These stickers can be particularly useful if you wish to give your iPhone 5 the looks of a gold iPhone 5S. As it has been extensively reported, the gold-colored iPhone 5S handsets have been created in a limited quantity and they are already much sought after. We just reported gold colored iPhone 5S sold for $10100 on eBay. So, what could be best deal then this, huh?

You can give your smartphone the same look as the gold iPhone 5S merely by adding the stickers from the MobileFun vinyl kit. The best thing about this is that you don’t physically tamper with your handset and merely add stickers to it, which saves you from essentially voiding the warranty.

gold iPhone 5

According to MobileFun, the vinyl kits are able to give the iPhone 5 exactly the same look as iPhone 5S. The kits are available in all three iPhone 5S colors, namely gold, silver and space Gray. There are other options of having the looks of your iPhone handset changed but most of them rely on making physical changes to the handset, such as tweaking the color of its aluminum. This can result in ending the warranty of the handset, something you wouldn’t want to do merely for the looks.’

Source: MobileFun

Courtesy: CNET

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