Update On Time Warner Cable TV iOS App, Streams Live TV On iPhone Now

One key feature that had been missing from both Android and iOS smartphone devices was the lack of an app that would allow direct streaming of TV content. But this has changed now. Time Warner has updated it’s Cable TV iOS App so that it can stream Live TV directly on an iPhone as well as an iPad. The feature is still missing on Android devices which can only access channels guide through a similar app. With the update, iPhone and iPad has yet another key feature available which is missing in their Android counterparts.

With this new update, iPhone and iPad users can directly stream content from a number of channels. They can view this content as long as they are in the range of the local wi-fi network. Surely, the user experiences for iPhone and iPad users will be hugely enhanced by this very useful app. They can access different TV channels on the go, all they require is a supported iOS device and access to a wi-fi network.

The devices for which the app has been updated include iPhone 3GS, 3rd generation iPod Touch, original iPad or devices that have been released in the series later.

Such an app is still unavailable for Android devices. There is an Android version of this app available for Android devices but that only lets the Android users access channels guide and set their DVR recordings. They are still unable to access live TV content through streaming.

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  1. Damon Aldora

    iPhone app has the same issue with their iPad app: you can’t use the app
    outside of your home. I’m pretty sure one of the big reasons behind the
    creation of the iPhone and iPad was to be portable. If the apps don’t work
    wherever the iPad is, then why even have them on the device? Being able to
    stream anywhere is important to me. A few weeks ago, I was in Vegas for the
    CES, and the hotel I was at didn’t have what I liked to watch. So I took out my
    iPad, opened the DISH Remote Access app, then watched the last two episodes of
    Saturday Night Live that I had recorded to my DVR. If I had the Time Warner
    app, I couldn’t even think of doing this, let alone watching live TV. Whether I
    am on my way to work at DISH, or in Vegas for an electronics show, it makes me
    happy that I have the ability to stream whenever and wherever I want. Time
    Warner customers are missing a lot.

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