Verizon Cut About $50 on iPhone 4!

Verizon providing a great Offer about $50 discount on iPhone 4. They be set to offer the iPhone 4 for $150.99 during an upcoming promotion, according to an image posted by VZBuzz.

Perhaps the iPhone 4 is your phone of choice so how about a possible sale price of $150.99 which is an unheard of price break courtesy of Big Red. Apple is known for their fair pricing model which usually only providers retailers with a window of around $10 or so to discount devices. A $49.99 price break is almost to good to be true.

VZBuzz posts a purported image of upcoming sumer deals from Among the cheap Androids and Blackberries, it also shows an iPhone for $150.99. While the source is certainly untested, the move would make sense to clear out excess inventory for the next iPhone, due in the Fall. Walmart offered the iPhone 4 for $147 in the month of June so the move wouldn’t be unprecedented either. Verizon currently offers the refurbished iPhone 4 for $150.
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