Verizon iPhone 4 Now Available At Apple Stores

Apple – Verizon starts taking orders for the iPhone 4 at their online Apple Store on Thursday, February 10th at 7 AM. You are now able to make your order for both carrier networks. As, it’s the iPhone 4 is coming to Verizon for the first time, so, people are very much excited about this new CDMA based iPhone 4.

According to some recent tweets, many stores locations have received lines of people standing for the new Verizon iPhone 4. Apple is offering free shipping to its customers who place an online order. And, those existing users who want to make a switch from AT&T to Verizon can enter their account information and have their phone number switched, when they receive their new iPhone, and for those users who place an order for in Apple Store itself can have it switched over in the store.


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