Verizon iPhone To Release After CES 2011

According to a new report on Bloomberg Businessweek, the highly anticipated Verizon iPhone could be launching “by Valentine’s day“,but there’s no particular sourcing for that date.The interesting matter is that the report also hints at the possibility of Sprint and T-Mobile losing out on the iPhone at least in the short term. Businessweek notes that with just Verizon and AT&T carrying iPhone in the next year, the subscriber numbers for Sprint and T-Mobile could fall by as much as 650,000 and 950,000 respectively.

There’s a problem with the 18th, though; Apple has already said that it will announce quarterly earnings on that day. Looking at the past year, there were two major product introductions that happened two days after a quarterly earnings report. The most recent was the “Back to the Mac” event on October 20, with the earnings report on 10/18; before that, back in January, the earnings call on the 25th was followed two days later by a magical and revolutionary product launch on the 27th.But it seems more likely that Apple will keep that announcement for themselves during an early 2011 media event.


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