VoiceActivator Brings Full Voice Control to iOS iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Chpwn has developed a new cydia tweak naming as VoiceActivator. It will allow you to customize the commands of the Voice Control, this feature natively on the iPhone 3G and iPhone that allows 4 to perform a series of actions by saying the device, just a few sentences of default. Chpwn has also released a demo video of VoiceActivator.

VoiceActivator has a setting panel from where you can set the voice shortcuts for the respective action. With VoiceActivator configured you can safely do a lot more while driving as you don’t need to look at your iPhone. Just speak the command and it will be done.

Such a feature is not launched by Apple in any of its products. But it seems we can get it much sooner via Cydia. The video itself demos the power of the app and really a must have app which will be released next week.


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  1. herve leger

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  2. Abracadabrad

    A little off topic i suppose…but I always wondered why nobody develops a cydia tweak where there’s a voice memo icon which brings up a recorder dialoge box, where you record your message. Then it sucks itself into the text message feild like a photo does. in fact, theres even a perfect sized place for one just over the photo button that exists now.

    Also….please let me know if this already exists and I’ve just overlooked it…cheers!

  3. Fadl


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